Sales does not sell or rent any equipment  but initiates, supports and evaluates mid- and long term solutions for the following broadcast companies:   –    Japan –    Japan       –    Germany        –    USA                      –    USA

All of these companies, the oldest more than 42 years already, the youngest also closing in on 20 years sell directly to worldwide system houses, dealers and resellers and dealers and general average gear turnover is just 5 business days.

Sales channels until now:

  1. Weekly / bi-weekly New & Used Gear list to subscribers , comprising gear of all companies
  2. From april 1, 2023 gear of all 5 corporations not sold after 1 week will go to
  3. New: EBAY: all 5 companies will also start selling through on ebay,  ebay name: msi-west and the store name is: Broadcast Network;

Since many years a weekly / bi-weekly gear list is sent out to clients; comprising gear of all companies by   Like almost every deal between dealers payment through bank wires only. However as there are no restrictions as to who may participate   if you do have the means  then you might be able from time to time to purchase items directly at very interesting dealer prices.

To be included in this Gear list  you need to have a valid non-free email account and send an email to to be put on the list and please wait for an answer.

The pictures here on show the actual equipment of each company, a short gear description, the asking price and the direct email address to contact for questions or purchase. 

Please refrain from any email inquiries to  as you will not receive any reply.


Canon HJ17ex7.6BIRSE , very good condition        and fully checked with documents
2023/03/15 start on msi-west  /ebay               ebay store: Broadcast Network


2400 USD from FL office

Canon HJ16ex8BIRS , elder lens but good condition and fully checked with documents
on msi-west  /ebay                                                ebay store: Broadcast Network


1400 USD from FL office

currently no used gear for sale

税別 860.000 円 / 1 セット
税込 946.000 円 / 1 セット

 1 LEFT : 4K / HD set for Live Sony PMW-F55 ,  includes 1 each:
CA-4000, BPU-4000, HDCU-2000,  RCP-1501, 100 m Tajimi fiber cable
connectors:Tajimi  ( not LEMO !!)

7600 USD



Sony PXW-FX9 4K camera
camera with 712 hrs of use,
in top condtion with all standard accessories, without lens


7800 USD